5pcs Premium Taklon Bristles Makeup Brushes Aluminum Ferrule XMY-MK028

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High grade non-porous synthetic bristles, animal friendly, great for cream and liquid products without absorbing too much of the products. It will be more ideal to apply a lot of makeup like foundations…
The unique streamline shape is very elegant and feminine easy to hold
Sturdy and long lasting aluminum ferrule.

Most useful powder and foundation brush series includes: Powder Brush: This is the most common of all brushes and should be in every makeup collection.

It should be used to apply any type of powder foundation product. Angled Powder Brush: These brushes are typically used to apply blush. They are similar to powder brushes in their firmness. Flat Brush: This brush allows you to contour your cheeks . The corners allow you to apply color right beneath your cheekbones. Blush / Bronzer brush is domed and fluffy, perfect for applying powder blush. Domed brush makes application more seamless. Apply in a circular motion to control the movement and overall application.

 Brush Care Guide:

1. Wash before Use by gently rinse the bristles with the water streaming down.

2. Shampoo the bristles by swirling into the soap so them lather up.

3. Dry up using a dry towel and gently squeeze it around the bristles so it’s no soaking wet.

4. Lay them on dry towel on a table and let the bristles hang off the edge of the table so it’s not laying flat against the table. This way, you’ll protect it’s shape. Do not stick them in a cup, so the water seeps into the space where the bristle meets the handle and it ruins the glue, leading the brush to fall apart.

5. Wash regularly.

6. Lay brushes closer to windows with sunlights.

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